Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Downside of Knitting in Public

Some people say the craziest things. The other day SEVERAL people said something that really surprised me. I won't name names here because I don't want to embarrass anyone. I was working on the baby jacket in the previous post but hadn't knitted far enough for someone to tell what it was. Maybe it was the light pink yarn that caused such a fuss.

I was asked if I was pregnant, not once, but multiple times! Now, for some unknown reason these people thought that was an acceptable thing to ask. They are probably not the ones reading this blog but I wanted to clarify. Asking someone if they are pregnant is inappropriate and very rude. It doesn't matter how excited you are to talk about little ones. Did she tell you she is pregnant? No? Then don't say anything about that subject.

There are many reasons to not ask this question:
If she's not pregnant, you just called her fat. Maybe she wants to have a baby, but is having difficulty, you just brought up an unpleasant topic. Maybe she had a miscarriage, again with the unpleasant topic.
If she is pregnant, maybe she doesn't want to announce it to the whole group; maybe you're the 15th person to bring it up today and she tired of talking about it; maybe she has medical problems that she doesn't want to talk about.

Now about my situation. I'm guessing that they said that because of the knitting and not because they think I look fat (hoping anyway). How did you come up with the idea that knitting baby things equals pregnant? And why did you wait until I was knitting a pink sweater and not ask when I was knitting a tiny blue hat? And you asked this knowing that I knit a lot of gifts and things to sell... I'm far too logical to ever figure out what they were thinking.

I've been knitting since I was 12, statistically, the answer to that question is: go away, and next time be polite.

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