Saturday, February 24, 2007

Etsy Fast

I'm a member of the newly formed Etsy Fiber Arts Street Team. It's a great group. We talk about all sorts of fiber fun stuff. The group website is here . We also have a street team page and a yahoo group . We have the coolest banner. It has so many pictures in it representing lots of fiber art. There are lots of pictures on our yahoo group site too. You can search for things made by group members by searching for "etsyfast" on

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Magnets Came Today

Yay for getting fun mail! I bought some design your own magnets at she also has a site . You can see most of my buttons below. It was fun making up the designs. I tried some different methods. I'm still figuring some things in gimp out so its not always easy to get it to do what I want. If you decide to buy from her buttonstorm site why not metion that I refered you in the comments.

New Blog Friends

I found this topic in the forrums today: I'm up for link trades. You may have noticed the new etsy blog links on the right and the etsy blog ring link. If anyone else wants to trade links just let me know with an email or convo.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Spotlight on DebbieJeans

DebbieJeans started selling on etsy on Jan 19, 2007, but she also has her own store called Debbie Jean's Custom Framing & Whimsical Treasures in Wisconsin that she opened in 2002.
Her etsy shop can be found here .
Debbie has been painting and selling since she was 14. She started at local art shows and galleries.
Her favorite items to make are her painted leaves, onesies, and copper bookmarks. She also does custom painting and makes jewelry.
She is inspired by many things such as other artists, all the wonderful people that appreciate her artwork, nature and the country life. She loves being in her studio surrounded by nature and looking at her gardens and watching the rabbits.

I really like these earrings .
This is a cool painted leaf .


I'm working on making samples to go in octarine's sample packs. Check it out here . So far I have some beads and pendants and some mini skeins of yarn. I also designed some magnets with the same theme. I just need to make some business cards and let everything dry and I'll be sending them out.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bad Day

As if work wasn't crazy enough today, I also had more of my first major problem with etsy, and a very not fun disagreement with the so. :( Well, so I don't go and post in the wrong thread again or have it LOCKED! wiskey tango foxtrox!? I'll just vent here. Not that I think the etsy admins would see it here, but they obviously don't care since they locked my thread. :(
Here's the locked thread:
Please ignore the spelling errors, etsy does not allow editing of posts.
And here's my rather out of place response.
Heh, at the time I thought it was about the site being down a lot.
"I was just trying to report a problem. Isn't that what the bugs section is for!? They fricken locked the thread! Broken cookies is not the same as 500 error. Wait for hours/days or restart solves the first error; refresh and try again solves the later."
I was pretty annoyed that the admins locked my thread because it was not the same error as the one they linked to.
I was pretty happy with etsy up to this point, despite my slow sales. Hopefully, this sort of thing won't happen again.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Etsy Art Friends Quilt

Plasticpumpkin ( over at etsy had this super cool idea to make a "quilt" of links. Here it is: . I'm on it with my purse avatar! There are so many friendly and helpful people at etsy. I just really like that. We're all working together to get more people to all our sites. Thanks Plasticpumpkin!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Works in Progress

I have this really cute idea for a turtle made of felt. He's almost done. He just needs to finish drying. I used both wet and needle felting. I'm also finishing up some more pincushions, a special heart project, a hat and some scarves.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Spotlight on Polyclarific

Polyclarific's shop can be found at:
She also runs a blog:

Polyclarific is a stay at home mom from Perth in Western Australia who loves to be creative. She has a BA in Art with a painting major. Currently, she is doing a lot with polymer clay. Some items featured in her store are miniatures, fancy pins and jewelery. She hopes to add an even bigger variety soon!

She joined etsy on December 18, 2006 and as of right now has 36 items for sale.
These pins look really pretty.
In the picture with all of them bunched together they look like candy!

I like these heart pendants too.

I wish she accepted more than just paypal for payment.

Talking About Spinning

This is some Corriedale top that I'm spinning. It's really nice to work with and so pretty. :) There is a picture of a pause in my spinning below. I needed to use my other hand to take the picture. The last picture is of the single collecting on the bobbin. I'm tying to keep the single not too tiny so I'll have around a worsted yarn when done. I think I want to double ply it. I like tripple ply but you don't get as much yarn, plus andean plying worked out well for me last time. Any suggestions about what I should make with it?

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