Monday, May 25, 2009

The Lace Mobius Wrap is Complete!

I finally finished the wrap after some serious crunch time on Sunday! I knit over 4 inches of lace that day! That's about 50 rows or 4,000 stitches. I kitchener stitched the ends together that night too! Weaving in the ends got saved for this morning but it wasn't that bad, and then a major photography session!

The first picture here is the wrap all layed out before I stitched the ends together.

Next is a close up of the lace pattern. Diamonds with a cable in the middle.

This was a huge project and I'm sooo happy that I finished it in time. I'm going to wear it at my wedding next Saturday.

My next project will definitely be something in a heavier weight yarn. I could do some more neckwarmers and Jayne Hats! That sounds good. :)

If anyone is interested in knitting this yourself I have the pattern in my shop.

And here are a few of me modeling the wrap.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Making Mailers/ Envelopes

I had been looking for a good way to mail my magnets, mirrors, or buttons, especially when I'm sending out just one. I think the bubble mailers that I have are too big and bulky for just one. I've sent out some in just a regular white envelope for letters, but I don't think that is ideal. Then I found these:

Making my own mailers is the perfect solution. I can make something that's just the right size and will look more interesting than a plain envelope! My first one I did from a grocery store paper bag. I'll have to lug out the sewing machine to try sewing it instead of taping it. I really like the results though. Sorry I don't have a picture to show you, I mailed it out super fast!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show and Tell- May 22 Blog Carnival

This week's topic is: Show & tell: Summer line - what you will be making/showing in your shop this summer:

This summer I'll be trying to expand on my most popular items. I'll be felting a lot more soap getting ready for an arts and crafts fair on June 6th, and hopefully I'll have some time to dye some more yarn too. After that is over I plan on trying out making my own soap. One night I just got really interested in how its made and stayed up late reading online and bought some books on it. (I love books.) It doesn't sound that hard really, especially since I can buy sodium hydroxide, and not have to make my own potash. I'm still looking at all the c
ool supplies out there and probably won't get started on that until sometime in June.

I also plan doing more knitting. I've been focusing on my wrap. I have only a few inches left to go and really need to get going on it so its done by early next week! Once I'm done with that I plan on making more neckwarmers and hats! They're light proj
ects, so won't get me too hot making them and I want to have more inventory when it gets cold here, besides, I sell on an international site, people from anywhere could buy there. :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Featured Etsy Blogger for May

Each month the Etsy Bloggers choose a member to feature. The featured Etsy Blogger for May is ... Create A Thought!

She has lots of cool journals, rings, buttons, magnets, and cards!

You can find her blog here
and her Etsy shop is here

This shows a few of the things that are in her shop!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Art Vs. Craft Blog Carnival

What is the different between art and craft? That is a difficult question. There seems to be some blur in between them, especially because their definitions overlap.


Some things people typically think of as art are painting, sculpture, photography. These are fine arts, characterized by having no other purpose than to be art. There are also performance arts (music, dance, acting) and applied arts (clothing, functional ceramics, etc) Some of my art is wearable, and has a purpose, keeping someone warm. That does not detract from its being art.

I make mostly applied art and some fine art, and I definitely consider myself an artist.

Craft is a art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill. It brings to mind guilds and craftsmen, things like masonry, and metal work. In this context I would have no problem calling my creations craft as well.

However some people use the word craft with a negative connotation, as if it is somehow less than art. I see the same thing with fine are vs applied art. I think it is just rude people wanting to say that they are better than someone else.

Art and craft are synonyms. Call your creations what you want to call them or both.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back to Basics

Yesterday I made some felt beads. It was a little nostalgic because felt beads were the very first thing I sold online.

Etsy Mini - See Items in My Shop