Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blue and Green Socks

I finally finished weaving the ends in on these socks. I like the stripe pattern but I don't like weaving in ends. You may notice that the stripes are different. I shortened the pattern on the second sock because I was running out of green. These are stash socks. I'm trying to use up some of what I have before I buy and make way more yarn. I carried the yarn on the inside for the shorter stripes to make it easier and avoid more end weaving. The very top stripe is my new washing code: xxxoxxxo. The blue o's are on the purls. I like the one row code much better as I don't have a thick spot in my socks now.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Newest Yarn Today

I like the look of yarn with beads on it. Here is my newest yarn. I spun beads onto a single and then plyed it so they wouldn't move around. This one will be available in my shop after it dries. (You can see the beads better if you click on the pictures)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Newest Yarn

My newest yarn is a custom order.

Too many movies?

Maybe I watch too many movies, but I watched "Blood Diamond" tonight. I need to find some comedies. That was too violent for me, and horribly sad.

So if anyone is thinking about getting me diamond jewelery (ha), I want man made diamonds. You know, the organic ones. Good luck finding organic gold to go with it though. :p

Hope you get my joke!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Roving :)

I bought some roving. It is so fun to get those packages in the mail and to open them and watch the roving expand as I pull it from the box. I have so many ideas for what to make! Which color do you like better?

"The Corporation" the movie

I watched the movie The Corporation tonight. I had heard a lot of good things about it and wanted to see it. While it did have a few good points it spoke in absolutes, had many strange and pointless comparisons and was improved upon by watching the rest of it in fast forward with captions. As soon as Michael Moore showed up in the movie, its credibility was tarnished. It was like a flag to look for the really bad and misleading editing. After the movie I did check our milk and was relieved that it does not have that hormone in it.
It was rather frustrating to watch the people pointing out the horrible things that these corporations did using some of the same misleading tactics to say what they want. To sum up the movie, corporations are sharks (picture of shark included in movie). It's too bad they kept distracting the viewer from their own points and boring them with clips of people going on and on and not always being relevant.

Friday, May 11, 2007

woolhandcrafts is awesome!

I just wanted to say how great of a seller woolhandcrafts on etsy is. I ordered a super cool sock blocking form from her.

I really like it. You can see from my last post that this is pretty useful. I'm almost to the second sock of my next pair.
When I bought the sock blocker woolhandcrafts's sheep were having babies. She sent me a picture of the new baby; he's so cute! It's very cool that she has sheep!
Well, there was a mix up with my order, I was worried until she replied, but I was impressed by the way she handled it. She sent me the right sock blocker and no worries! She is professional and has excellent customer service. I hope I'm like her. :)

Making Socks

I like knitting projects that don't take terribly long. I made 2 sweaters but they took forever. So I like making mittens, hats, and SOCKS. I haven't had the second sock syndrome problem yet, but I just got some long circular needles to try the two socks at once thing. I knitted these on double pointed needles, toe up, one at a time with a short row heel. :)

The squares in the same color as the toe and heel are washing instructions. I want that to be consistent from pair to pair, but I think a one row symbol would be easier and add less bulk.
Here's a great site with all sorts of sock making directions:

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Slow Drivers

People in Seattle drive slow. My goal is not to make people mad, but I wouldn't mind a few comments. So driving around Seattle is something that makes me think about Chicago. People drive much faster there. I'm used to being passed quite a bit. People there are a lot better about being in the correct lane. If you want to drive slow, stay in the right lane(s). If you want to drive fast, drive in the left lane(s). I find that I'm doing the passing much more around Seattle and I'm really not going fast.

On my way back from work I heard these 2 radio ads telling people to slow down or they'll get a ticket. They're just ridiculous! First, people are already diving slow, often way lower than the speed limit when traffic is fine. Second, why waste money on an ad to tell people that you're going to be collecting more money. Third, why not do something to find stolen cars or to make it safe enough for me to walk alone at night instead of pulling people over who are not doing anything dangerous.

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