Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 14th Blog Carnival: Planning Ahead

Here's the question: In a few months, the holiday season will be in full swing. What are you planning for: increasing your inventory, festival hopping, networking?

This isn't specifically for the holiday season, but I've been trying to increase my inventory. I'm hoping that that will help lead to more sales. I'm not sure about festivals. I've had mixed results. I would like to find some good indoor shows to do, since I don't have a tent right now.

I'm thinking about the kinds of advertising I want to do in the future. You may have noticed the ad box on the right side of the page (or not if you're blocking them). I've started using Project Wonderful which is a way to buy and sell ads, but its an auction system where you bid on the ad space you want. If its available for the price you want, you get the spot, if someone else wants to pay more for the spot, they get it. You can set a minimum bid if you want to, but I didn't, so the first few people who bid on my spot actually got their ad up for free, until someone else bit 1 cent. As I write this, the spot is going for 2 cents. I was also able to put my ad up for free on a few sites.

I still have big plans in the works for my soap, and generally want to grow my shop.

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storybeader said...

I've always liked Project Wonderful - I have two on my blog; they sell for 0¢ ! Not too much to ask, eh? lol Thanks for participating in the carnival! {:-Deb

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