Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Items - Magnets

My Aviation Chart Mirrors have been my most popular item. Now I'm expanding on that theme to bring you Aviation Chart Magnets!!!!

I've made a bunch already and will be listing them in my shop. If you want one of a specific place, just ask. These are made with expired sectional charts, so its just a matter of if I have the old chart for that place.

If you look closely, you may notice that the top left magnet pictured is of Meigs Field in Chicago. I found my old chart from before it was destroyed! That one goes on my fridge. I'm also keeping the one of the first airport I took lessons at, from before the new runway was built.

I'd be happy to make personalized magnets too.

Blog Edits

You may have noticed that my blog looks pretty different. I changed the template and made it wider. :)
If you want to change the width of your blog check this out:
Thanks, Colm Smyth, for explaining how!
And Thanks to Artsy Chaos for giving me the link!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lovin the Craft Blog Carnival

This blog carnival is about what we make and keep for ourselves. I make and keep a lot of things. I posted about the orange lace scarf that I finally finished not that long ago. Of course I got started with all this just because its fun and I like making things.

I keep a lot of my firsts.
This is the very first bag I knitted and fulled (the strap is soooo long I tied it in a knot) and the second picture is my first wet felting thing and my first yarns. The middle is my first yarn ever (on a drop spindle) and the right is my first yarn on a spinning wheel.

I keep the more time consuming items. I made this sweater for myself. I would consider doing a custom order for a sweater if I were to be paid for my time. Not that many people want to spend hundreds on a sweater though.

I keep things I make from patterns by other artists like this purse. The pattern is on .

I keep things that I make and just love. This is my bowl. You can't have it. :)

Featured Etsy Blogger For June

Each month the Etsy Bloggers choose a member to feature and write about. The featured Etsy Blogger for June is Alicia Mae.

You can find her blog here

She has a lot of different interests including woodburning, painting, cross stitching, bracelet weaving, polymer clay, and photography.
She is pretty busy, as she runs 3 Etsy shops!

One for crafts and gifts
One for photography and prints
and one for supplies

Here are some of the things you'll find from Alicia Mae

Friday, June 6, 2008

My Studio Blog Carnival

This time around we have a choice of two topics. I'm choosing to talk about my studio or lack of a studio.

Right now I have more space than I did in the past. Having an apartment is much more fun than having one room. In the past I just set up a corner with all my fiber art stuff. Here in my new place, I usually knit and spin in the living room, but I have shelves off the kitchen for most of those supplies. I do my felting and dyeing in the kitchen since its a little messier. Even though this way tends to have some clutter in the living room, I like it. I like to knit or spin while hanging out. What I would really like a separate studio for is ceramics. I dream about an enclosed porch type room with lots of ventilation but protected from the weather where I can set up a wheel and kiln, and all those supplies. I love too many different types of art. :)

Here is a peak at my stash..

It's a little disorganized, but at least its mostly in one place.

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