Sunday, April 18, 2010

WIP: Knitters' Handy Carry-All Post #2

It doesn't look as floppy as it did last time. Since my last post on this I have sewn the lining pockets, finished knitting the inside and bottom of the bag, sewn the pocket linings in, and did most of the assembly. The interfacing is in place, but I still have to sew around the bottom edge to hold it in place.
I still have a button to sew on and the handles to knit and assemble.

Here's a peak at the inside!

Knitting Tools

I've been listening to some KnitPicks podcasts that I'd missed while working on my Knitting Carry All Bag. I listened to episode 124, and yes, I just noticed that it was from December. It was a really cool topic though, what tools they have in their knitting bags.

I usually don't have as many knitting projects going at once as they do, but I do like to always take something to knit with me. I though I'd share what notions and tools I like to have in my bag. I like to have everything for the project I'm working on but not too much extra. Stitch markers tend to be on an as needed basis. If I'm in a pinch I can always use a bit of scrap yarn.

  • crochet hook
  • yarn needle
  • scissors or dental floss
  • bit of scrap yarn
  • pen
  • note paper
  • tape measurer

That's pretty much it. My needle gauge may occasionally jump in the bag, but that would be if I'm trying to start a project on the go and I'm grabbing for needles as I head out. The dental floss is really for the dental floss cutter, it works well for cutting yarn if you're going someplace you can't bring scissors. For my latest project my sewing kit jumped in there too! I sewed all the pocket linings in on my last trip, 2.5 during the car ride and the last bit after we got there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday April 12 Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival Newness!!!

After patiently waiting my turn, I'm excited to host this week's blog carnival!
The two topic choices are:
1) Spring is a time for new things and growth. Tell us about a new item and what inspired you to create it.
2) Easter is April 4, what family traditions do you do for Easter?

Welcome to the April 12th 2010 edition of EtsyBloggers

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Time - April 9th Blog Carnival

This is a new crochet scarf of mine made with a variety of hand spun and high quality yarns.

I was i
nspired by some of my hand spun yarns of which I didn't have all that much yardage. For some of the yarns I had enough for only one row. I wanted to make a really long scarf with length wise stripes to really highlight each yarn. I may have gotten a little carried away on the length as it is 9.8 feet, but it can be worn folded in half and still hangs down to the legs.

The main inspiration was the soy silk and alpaca yarns in row 3 and 5. I liked going through my hand spun stash to find yarn to match.

The first row and all the purple and gray rows are merino mill spun yarn.
The second row and the two other green and lighter green rows are also merino mill sp
un yarn.
The third row is a hand spun soy silk yarn.
The fifth row is hand spun with dark gray alpaca.
Row 8 is hand spun with bluefaced leicester wool.
Row 10 is hand spun with a hand dyed merino wool.
Row 13 is hand spun with a 70% merino, 30% tencel blend.
Row 14 is ha
nd spun with a heather gray wool, the same yarn that I knit my fist pair of socks with. (Yarn from the same batch, I still have my socks!)

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