Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bright Ideas: A Place for Yarn to Dry

I was getting creative finding places to dry my yarn after dyeing or setting the twist. I hung yarn on the shower head, on a hangar, etc. I need a place for it to drip without making a mess with a puddle on the floor.
The rod for the shower curtain is so tempting but if I hang yarn there the water will drip on the edge of the tub and the bathroom floor. Then it dawned on me!

We had an extra curtain rod from the last apartment we lived in. We installed it over the tub, and now have the perfect place to hang yarn to dry!

It comes in handy for hanging clothes to dry after the wash too!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Featured Etsy Blogger For February

Each month the Etsy Bloggers choose a member to feature. This month's featured blogger is ... TiLTCreations!

This bag of hers is very tempting! :)

You can find her blogs here:
and her Etsy shops here:

This shows a few of the things that are in her shop!

Vacation Blog Carnival

I'm so ready for a vacation! I think the best places are the ones that aren't really touristy, the ones were you can go an relax or where you can do all sorts of fun stuff. The best vacations are the ones where you can get away for a while, and not worry about when you're coming back! Most of my trips tend to be shorter though...

I have a huge list of where to go. I want to see the world! You can't make me pick just one place! Some of the places I'd like to go first are: Seattle, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, England, and a cruise to the Southern Caribbean. I guess I'm starting with some of the closer places.

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