Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby Hooded Jacket is Complete!

I actually finished it over a month ago, but didn't want to post finished pictures until after I gave it to the recipient. I really want to see it on her and really hope they get some good use out of it before she out grows the sweater!
You can see my progress here: and
This is a closeup of the seam on the hood. I did that differently than the pattern too. The pattern said to bind off the outer edges and continue knitting the middle to make a T shape and then sew the edges together on the back of the hood. I knit the stitches together as I went so I didn't have to sew the seams. It didn't save me anytime because I tried out a couple different methods. It was like a heal on a sock only hood sized.

After all that I bought the buttons and sewed them on. There's really no avoiding that kind of sewing if you want buttons on the front. :p

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OpheliasApothecary said...

fabulous job on the sweater miss melissa! it would take me a bazillion years to knit something so special! i'm sure it will be an heirloom piece for them!

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