Friday, July 17, 2009

What Happens When Felted Soap Is Used Up?

This is my fist felted soap that I made. I used it to test out my felted soap and it worked great! Here it is after all the soap is gone from the middle.

I decided to cut it open and show you what the inside looks like.

You can see the different layers of felt and they've all shrunk leaving a rather tiny space for the soap as it was used up.
There are still uses for the little pieces of wool.
It would still work well as a scrubbie, on dirty hands or dishes just with soap added now.
It could be used to protect jewelry when packing very light.
My pieces fit neatly on the ends of my fingers; they could be used to make cute finger puppets.
Do you have an idea for how to use the leftover felt? Please share it in the comments. :P

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Mary Pat said...

It would make a great jewelry protector for the small things. I have the felted piece that you helped me make and I use it for traveling all of the time. It is easy to find the earrings because they just clip to the felt and then wrap the necklaces. No harm is ever done to any of it. Keep up the good work.

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