Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Light Box!!!!!

I now have my very own collapses to flat light box!

I don't have space for a light box that just sits around being an empty box most of the time, so I made one that can be stored flat! I got some inspriation from but our boxes are different sizes. My top is also different because I didn't like cutting out tiny slits in the cardboard. It's not the prettiest, but it seems to work. I just need more lights now!


Meagan Designs Kaedan Krafts said...

what a great idea to make the lighbox flat!

Bead Flora and Jewels said...

it's cool that you can take it apart!

Ellen said...

I love it being collapsible! Mine is just the empty box sitting around. :P

Jess // CLineCreations said...

That's awesome!! Don't you love how it flattens? I store mine in a small space between the wall and side of the fridge... it's great. =)

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