Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show and Tell- May 22 Blog Carnival

This week's topic is: Show & tell: Summer line - what you will be making/showing in your shop this summer:

This summer I'll be trying to expand on my most popular items. I'll be felting a lot more soap getting ready for an arts and crafts fair on June 6th, and hopefully I'll have some time to dye some more yarn too. After that is over I plan on trying out making my own soap. One night I just got really interested in how its made and stayed up late reading online and bought some books on it. (I love books.) It doesn't sound that hard really, especially since I can buy sodium hydroxide, and not have to make my own potash. I'm still looking at all the c
ool supplies out there and probably won't get started on that until sometime in June.

I also plan doing more knitting. I've been focusing on my wrap. I have only a few inches left to go and really need to get going on it so its done by early next week! Once I'm done with that I plan on making more neckwarmers and hats! They're light proj
ects, so won't get me too hot making them and I want to have more inventory when it gets cold here, besides, I sell on an international site, people from anywhere could buy there. :)

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storybeader said...

wow - that's really branching out in a new direction. Or at least adding a new line. Hope you show us the wrap, when you finish. And the little turtle you have in your shop is so sweet!

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