Monday, May 25, 2009

The Lace Mobius Wrap is Complete!

I finally finished the wrap after some serious crunch time on Sunday! I knit over 4 inches of lace that day! That's about 50 rows or 4,000 stitches. I kitchener stitched the ends together that night too! Weaving in the ends got saved for this morning but it wasn't that bad, and then a major photography session!

The first picture here is the wrap all layed out before I stitched the ends together.

Next is a close up of the lace pattern. Diamonds with a cable in the middle.

This was a huge project and I'm sooo happy that I finished it in time. I'm going to wear it at my wedding next Saturday.

My next project will definitely be something in a heavier weight yarn. I could do some more neckwarmers and Jayne Hats! That sounds good. :)

If anyone is interested in knitting this yourself I have the pattern in my shop.

And here are a few of me modeling the wrap.


galaxiecarol said...

this is really cool! Great job.

Froggy said...

The lace wrap is adorable. You'll look beautiful with it on your wedding day, Congratulations!

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