Monday, May 4, 2009

Art Vs. Craft Blog Carnival

What is the different between art and craft? That is a difficult question. There seems to be some blur in between them, especially because their definitions overlap.


Some things people typically think of as art are painting, sculpture, photography. These are fine arts, characterized by having no other purpose than to be art. There are also performance arts (music, dance, acting) and applied arts (clothing, functional ceramics, etc) Some of my art is wearable, and has a purpose, keeping someone warm. That does not detract from its being art.

I make mostly applied art and some fine art, and I definitely consider myself an artist.

Craft is a art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill. It brings to mind guilds and craftsmen, things like masonry, and metal work. In this context I would have no problem calling my creations craft as well.

However some people use the word craft with a negative connotation, as if it is somehow less than art. I see the same thing with fine are vs applied art. I think it is just rude people wanting to say that they are better than someone else.

Art and craft are synonyms. Call your creations what you want to call them or both.

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