Friday, August 17, 2007

I Totally Fixed My Bike!

This is my bike. I used to have a rockin green one, but it was stolen years ago.

I finally got my bike to my new place and pumped up the tires! That was enough of an adventure in itself, getting a pump, getting a bike rack, getting pliers to take the cap off, etc. When I went to ride it the front brake was rubbing on the wheel on one side. It turns out that when someone (not naming names) tried to take off the front wheel to put it in my trunk even though I was saying it won't fit, that someone didn't bother to put the wheel back on correctly. So the front wheel was crooked, causing the brake to rub.

This is the front axel of the bike. I took off the bolts, centered the wheel and put them back on.

This is the front brake. See the bolt on the right side? It controls how close the brakes are to the wheel and how tight the brakes are when you squeeze the handle. I adjusted that so the brakes are the right distance from the wheel.

This is the back brakes for comparison.

Top view of the back brakes.

I took it for a test ride today and it worked great! Wooo! I can ride my bike again!

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