Thursday, May 3, 2007

Slow Drivers

People in Seattle drive slow. My goal is not to make people mad, but I wouldn't mind a few comments. So driving around Seattle is something that makes me think about Chicago. People drive much faster there. I'm used to being passed quite a bit. People there are a lot better about being in the correct lane. If you want to drive slow, stay in the right lane(s). If you want to drive fast, drive in the left lane(s). I find that I'm doing the passing much more around Seattle and I'm really not going fast.

On my way back from work I heard these 2 radio ads telling people to slow down or they'll get a ticket. They're just ridiculous! First, people are already diving slow, often way lower than the speed limit when traffic is fine. Second, why waste money on an ad to tell people that you're going to be collecting more money. Third, why not do something to find stolen cars or to make it safe enough for me to walk alone at night instead of pulling people over who are not doing anything dangerous.

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