Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bed Bath and Beyond and the Crappy Wardrobe

So I found myself needing to get a place to store some of my clothes. Since I don't have a closet I decided to get a light weight wardrobe for my hanging clothes. I looked around and thought I had found one that would work. I bought the storagewardrobe from Bed Bath and Beyond. Item number 91-200. No tools required. I put it together and was really disappointed. The frame went together ok, but the plastic ends don't look to sturdy. The cover was too small. Even though I was being careful when putting the cover on it ripped by the seam. I could exchange it but its not one defective item; it is a defective design. I could return it but then I'm out the 2 trips to the store and my time and I still wouldn't have a place for my clothes, besides I haven't found anything else that would work. I talked to a "customer service" person but she couldn't do anything. She said I could return it. I asked what she could do to prevent this from happening to other people and she said that they could return it too. That doesn't fix the problem, it only annoys the customers. If they just sold better things to start with this wouldn't be a problem. So don't by this:
If anyone has a contact for someone in the company who can actually do something let me know. I'm tired of low quality products being sold for way more than they're worth. I'm tired of the big box treatment of customers. The thing is that if people keep shopping there, it won't change.

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