Thursday, May 17, 2007

"The Corporation" the movie

I watched the movie The Corporation tonight. I had heard a lot of good things about it and wanted to see it. While it did have a few good points it spoke in absolutes, had many strange and pointless comparisons and was improved upon by watching the rest of it in fast forward with captions. As soon as Michael Moore showed up in the movie, its credibility was tarnished. It was like a flag to look for the really bad and misleading editing. After the movie I did check our milk and was relieved that it does not have that hormone in it.
It was rather frustrating to watch the people pointing out the horrible things that these corporations did using some of the same misleading tactics to say what they want. To sum up the movie, corporations are sharks (picture of shark included in movie). It's too bad they kept distracting the viewer from their own points and boring them with clips of people going on and on and not always being relevant.

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