Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Baby Socks Finished!

I wasn't really into knitting baby clothes before because I didn't know any babies, but now I have little kids to knit for and really like how quickly I can finish those projects. The sweater I knit for my niece a while back went pretty fast, and these, even on a size one needle went fast too!I knit this pattern http://dawnprickett.blogspot.com/2006/04/free-pattern-toe-up-heal-flap-magic.html . You know I like toe up and magic loop. The heel is a pretty normal heel flap which is different from my usual short row heel, but not hard.

The pattern says to keep knitting until the sock is 1 1/2 inches less than desired. I didn't know how long I wanted the socks to be so I had to look that up! I went with 4 inches from the toe to the heel. They're a bit bigger than I'd planned, so they'll just have to be grown into, but hopefully they'll get worn more that way.

These are knit with Pacca-Peds Superwash Alpaca Sock Yarn, the same yarn I knit my skew socks with, so we'll have matching socks!

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Elle said...

What a lucky baby!

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