Friday, April 24, 2009

Dream Studio Blog Carnival

For this blog carnival my imagination runs wild. I don't have a studio right now. I do most everything in my living room. I did a post a while back about my set up. I moved since then and have much less space.

My supplies and finished items are kept on the shelf or in the bedroom closet. Current projects go in a basket at the top of the shelf.
The spinning wheel hangs out in the bedroom unless I'm spinning in the living room. There's just not enough space here. Current knitting goes in a bag so I can take it with me.

I dream about having a room where I keep all my supplies and tools and finished projects ready to sell all together and organized. It would have bookshelves and a desk where I can leave a drum carder and ball winder set up with space for my swift too. This is my fiber art studio.

For decorations: the walls would have lots of bright colors with pictures from my favorite painters and well as my own photos. I'd have a huge selection of yarn and wool to play with, as well as all the tools I want, including a drum carder. That will be my next big fiber art purchase. I really want a drum carder. My dream studio could also have a loom and another spinning wheel and a little button press. It should also have a sink.

In this dream I also have a ceramics studio which has lots of big windows and great views of nature, and my own kiln and wheel. I could have a clay mixer and several large tables to work on, and lots of shelves for my work.

Both studios belong in my house which is also a dream.

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