Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 10 Blog Carnival- Going Green

Here are some of my green things!
hand dyed yarn
aviation chart magnet

green scarfGreen is such a pretty color to work with. I should make more green things!

As far as eco-friendly, most of the items in my shop are that kind of green. My aviation chart magnets and mirrors are made with expired charts. The charts often get tossed, although I've also used them to decorate my walls or wrap gifts, and now I use them to make magnets and buttons!

I make lots of things with natural fibers. I have some acrylic things in my shop, because people like to machine wash things, but I really love to work with wool and alpaca and other natural fibers.

Here are some eco-friendly things:
a cotton bag
felt place mats

felt keepsake purses
I also use some recycled packaging to ship my items. When I pack up my items, I often use cushioning that I got when I bought something else.
I generally avoid making lots of waste. I try to find new uses for things, or someone that can use them. I try to use up that last bit of yarn with a creative new project.

I think that's pretty green! :)


UberArt said...

I love that yarn! Very pretty colors!

storybeader said...

love your cotton bag - it's so cute!

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