Friday, July 18, 2008

Heatwave Blog Carnival

Since I can't choose a favorite item (I really tried), I'm blogging on the topic of the heat. So, things I do to keep cool or have fun. I'll preface this by saying that I don't like the heat. I like weather where long sleeves are appropriate. Unfortunately, I'm currently living where it gets very hot in the summers and not so cold in the winters, and this is has been mild compared to other years I've been here.

#1 Hide inside with the air conditioner. I do this the most.
#2 Go to the beach. It's one of the more fun options but its pretty far from here (as in hundreds of miles :( )
#3 Go to the pool. The town has a really nice pool here, and water slides even, for $4, but it's crowed a lot.
#4 Move North. I plan on doing this, hopefully soon.

My Mom makes fun of me for still living here after I said I never want to spend another summer here, because its too hot! Well how much do you like going from work to class (45 min drive at least) when its 105 degrees F, really high humidity, and the AC on the car is broken? I'd drink lots of water and it just leaked out of my skin and left me all gross.

On the bright side I have a different car with a working AC now. :)


storybeader said...

I never thought about me leaking before, but that's what it is, I guess. Sounds like AC is your friend {:-D

Patti said...

Want to change locations? I have no idea why I live so far north!! LOL

Lily - Tulip's Talking from the said...

LOL! Where do you live?

I too am a long sleeve, layers type of gal living in Florida...go figure?

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