Friday, June 6, 2008

My Studio Blog Carnival

This time around we have a choice of two topics. I'm choosing to talk about my studio or lack of a studio.

Right now I have more space than I did in the past. Having an apartment is much more fun than having one room. In the past I just set up a corner with all my fiber art stuff. Here in my new place, I usually knit and spin in the living room, but I have shelves off the kitchen for most of those supplies. I do my felting and dyeing in the kitchen since its a little messier. Even though this way tends to have some clutter in the living room, I like it. I like to knit or spin while hanging out. What I would really like a separate studio for is ceramics. I dream about an enclosed porch type room with lots of ventilation but protected from the weather where I can set up a wheel and kiln, and all those supplies. I love too many different types of art. :)

Here is a peak at my stash..

It's a little disorganized, but at least its mostly in one place.


storybeader said...

I think it's a great idea of you spinning in the living room.

Nora said...

You look more organized than me! Your scarves and yarn are very nice! :D

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