Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lovin the Craft Blog Carnival

This blog carnival is about what we make and keep for ourselves. I make and keep a lot of things. I posted about the orange lace scarf that I finally finished not that long ago. Of course I got started with all this just because its fun and I like making things.

I keep a lot of my firsts.
This is the very first bag I knitted and fulled (the strap is soooo long I tied it in a knot) and the second picture is my first wet felting thing and my first yarns. The middle is my first yarn ever (on a drop spindle) and the right is my first yarn on a spinning wheel.

I keep the more time consuming items. I made this sweater for myself. I would consider doing a custom order for a sweater if I were to be paid for my time. Not that many people want to spend hundreds on a sweater though.

I keep things I make from patterns by other artists like this purse. The pattern is on .

I keep things that I make and just love. This is my bowl. You can't have it. :)

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storybeader said...

Wow - that bowl came out of left field! Nice. And the sweater - I can't imagine the time and energy THAT took - very nice!

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