Friday, April 11, 2008

Spotlight on EmbraceBathandBody

Sometimes a seller or product just really stands out. A little bit ago, I was looking for some lip balm on Etsy. I wanted a good product that made my lips feel nice and not all dried out again a little later and in new and yummy scent.

I found EmbraceBathandBody, a relatively new shop (started Jan 08, 2008) with professional looking items and good descriptions. Lanolin is in the lip balm and that really caught my eye because I know lanolin from my spinning and its something I hadn't seen in beauty products before. Maybe I didn't look closely enough because as Lori told me that's where Oil of Olay gets its name. I didn't know you could buy it separate from the wool before.

I asked about it and Lori was very helpful with that and my other questions. I bought two lip balms and am very happy with them. The Dulce De Leche is an unexpected scent that reminds me of sugar cookies. The Peppermint is a very nice peppermint, not too strong. Some of her soaps have me wishing I could smell through the screen.

Here's the shop if you want to check it out

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