Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Challenge Week 2

April 19 (an extra) Soapy Soap Sock
April 20 Spring Keepsake Purse
April 21 Soapy Soap Sock
April 22 Umbrella Keepsake Purse
April 23 Soapy Soap Sock

Here are my challenge items so far this week. The group has a lot of fun items.

The hardest part of this challenge for me is coming up with things that can be made quickly. I've been making a lot of soap socks and new and different ones, but I'm wanting to make some other things too. I spent a while working on another scarf. It's an easy lace pattern that I made. (If I get some interest I just might post it for all to see) I only have a foot so far! Then I started some coasters so hopefully I'll finish those tomorrow.

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