Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Large Gauge Cowl

My sister asked me to knit her a cowl/scarf.  You know people take your knitting skillz seriously when they ask you to make things they want to wear, you know, in public.  The cowl/scarf she had in mind was very large gauge, and long, long enough to be wrapped around three or four times.

We picked out yarn together and I was left to figure out how to make it.  The gauge is big, bigger than any of my needles.  My first thought was to use my biggest needles and an elongated stitch.  That would have worked, but I knew there was an easier way.  Her friend said she used her arms to make a similar scarf.  It sounded easy enough.  The tricky part is that you can't turn your "needle" when you get to the end of the row.  You have to knit backwards, mirroring what you normally do.  This scarf is 12 stitches wide and uses 2 skeins of Knit Picks Swish Bulky, with 2 strands held together.  To finish it off, I first tried a giant Kitchener stitch, which did not turn out that even, so I crocheted the ends together.  Before being looped, this scarf is about 8 feet long, but was a fun and very quick knit.

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