Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yep, still knitting, a sweater this time.

I've been doing some larger projects lately.  My latest project is a stranded colorwork sweater.  It is Kelly's Ski Sweater from Knit Picks.  In this picture you can see the detailed pattern on the chest of the sweater.  It looks funny with live stitches sitting on that cable needle, because that is a steek.  I will (gulp) cut that open and pick up stitches for the collar.  This is my first project with steeks so I'm nervously looking forward to that part.

This is the whole body of the sweater.  It doesn't have arm holes.  More steeks, I will cut those open and attach the sleeves.  It looks like a lot of the same pattern on the body, but it is a simple pattern and went pretty quick.  After the first repeat I didn't need to look at the pattern except to check how many inches further I was supposed to knit.

Here is the three needle I-cord bind off on the shoulders.  The patterns says to knit the sleeves before joining the shoulders, but it also says to join the shoulders before cutting the steeks, so it doesn't matter if I switch that up.  I figured with the toddler and cat around, the fewer live stitches just chilling, waiting for me, the better.

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