Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Q&A Skew Socks

I received a question in my comments about my skew socks, asking how I did them two at a time on one circular needle.

First I used the magic loop technique which I often use for two at a time socks.

Then, specific to that pattern:
Knit it twice up to the increase mini-gusset section.

Then you can either keep track of left vs. right socks very carefully or put one sock on a spare needle to hold it until you have completed through the decrease mini-gusset section.

There was some sticky moving stitches around to make it work, but I think its worth it to not have to knit them one at a time.

I put the heal stitches on safety pins until I finished knitting the rest of the socks and then I Kitchener stitched it together, but when you do it isn't a big deal.

Then the legs are the same again, but pay attention to which way they are facing.

Happy Knitting :)

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