Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goals Blog Carnival

I'm hosting this carnival and here I leave my post to the last minute! It's been a crazy week (although that seems the norm).

The topic is to write about goals or accomplishments.

For goals, short term first: major improvements on the house!

Here is a view from the hallway looking into the bedrooms shortly after they were done being painted. Most of the painting is done, the only thing that isn't is the kitchen. Notice the floors in this picture! They're down to the subfloor. We had to take out the absolutely nasty carpet. It had to be done before move in.

Hey if you only look at the right side of the room, it looks done. We're so close to finishing the first room and hallway!
Also on the list: other bedroom, remove wall in kitchen, floors in living room and kitchen, stairs, toilet that works for upstairs bath, floors for both baths. There's more for outside work, but that should give you a good idea of what's going on.

For long term goals I want to expand RainyDayArt. I plan to grow RainyDayArt in a systematic way. I want to offer more fiber art supplies, dye more yarn, and eventually have a physical store!

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