Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6 Blog Carnival- Successful Items!

My most successful product is my felted soap.
They are followed closely by my magnets, mirrors, and buttons.I started with aviation themed ones and have recently started offering custom magnets, mirrors, and buttons!

While, I'd still like to sell more of these items, let's look at what's working for them.

They're both at a price point that can be an easy decision - both less than $10.
They can be made quickly, as long as I have the supplies around.

The felted soap especially, has done well offline. I think it has benefited by people being able to see how good it smells, and no shipping if you're buying in person. Plus its a natural item made with handmade soap, a small luxury or a break from all the chemicals we are bombarded with.

They're unique. I haven't seen anyone else making the same style of buttons, and while there are plenty of felted soaps out there, they are a small percentage of handmade soap in general and they're all different- different scents, colors, made with different oils, etc.

Quality is important too! The buttons are sturdy. I've never had a problem with one breaking. The felted soap is made with quality ingredients and without the nasty stuff that's in a lot of commercial soaps or detergents and then wrapped in wool one by one.

I enjoy making them. Without that there would be no point.

All together these are products that are working for me and I can continue making.


storybeader said...

that soap is wild! Never seen anything like that!

Splendid Little Stars said...

You're right--these are great products!

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