Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25 Blog Carnival: My Studio

I've done posts on my studio before but I've moved since then so I thought I would show you the latest version.

Yep, its the same couch and spinning wheel as before. The couch is still comfy and the spinning wheel is still awesome.

Here you can see my shelf with my boxes of finished things and works in progress. I have all sorts of stuff on that shelf: my swift, wpi tool, scale, boxes of yarn. You can see some blue and green hand dyed merino wool at the top left. I thought it looked pretty blotchy when I was finished dying it, so I decided to spin it and see if I like it. I can always ad more dye when I'm done if I want.

I'm still working on the whole more space thing. I actually have less space at this apartment than at our last one. I'd probably keep whatever I was working on in the living room because I like to spin there, but it would be nice to not have to keep everything there, well the drum carder is currently in the bedroom. I still have to figure out where to store it!

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