Monday, December 29, 2008

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

It seems like we all have more questions than answers about this new law.

Basically, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act requires any item for children under 12 to be tested for lead and phthalates. Not having lead in children's toys sounds like a good idea, especially with all those toys with lead in them being imported. Despite its feel good name, this is a horrible law. The third party testing this law requires is very expensive. If you buy or sell children's items, this will affect you.

This law just doesn't make sense. Say you make some wood blocks, either natural or finished with beeswax. How on earth would lead get in that? This law hurts small business and even larger business. It hurts people making natural and handmade toys and children's items, items that are already designed to be better and not harmful.

Spread the word about this, write to your representatives and the president.

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consumer product safety said...

It's too bad the CPSIA is going to affect craftspeople and small business in such a drastic way. I wonder if less expensive testing services will arise or perhaps certified materials manufacturers?

storybeader said...

I guess it will also make toys more expensive, because that testing will be passed onto the consumer. No one will be able to have handmade toys anymore, except if it's given as a present!

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