Thursday, June 21, 2007

Small Purse Pattern

Who doesn't like ideas for things to make with small amounts of yarn!?
I'm going to try to make some patterns to make with small amounts of handspun yarn or yarn left over from other projects.

This is the first of those patterns. I made this cute little purse out of handspun Blue Faced Leicester almost bulky yarn and and handspun with beads wool worsted weight yarn. I chose different weights so the top of the purse would be larger then the bottom. The whole thing is a whopping 1/2 oz (13 grams)

Knit a rectangle 8in wide and 4 in tall (mine was 35 stitches)

With the border yarn (beaded yarn) knit 4 rows, then bind off except for 3 st.

Knit I cord on these 3 st for 5.5 in or the length that you want the handle.

Fold the rectangle in half with the purl side out; on the end opposite where your I cord starts pick up and knit 3 st, then bind off.

With the purl side still out and with the 1st color crochet or sew the open edge together.

Weave in ends.
Turn knit side out.

Ta da! A cute little purse. Its a good size for holding business cards and a few extras like lipstick. I just checked, my digital camera fits in it. An ipod would fit too.
Well I'm off to work on some socks right now.

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