Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bad Day

As if work wasn't crazy enough today, I also had more of my first major problem with etsy, and a very not fun disagreement with the so. :( Well, so I don't go and post in the wrong thread again or have it LOCKED! wiskey tango foxtrox!? I'll just vent here. Not that I think the etsy admins would see it here, but they obviously don't care since they locked my thread. :(
Here's the locked thread:
Please ignore the spelling errors, etsy does not allow editing of posts.
And here's my rather out of place response.
Heh, at the time I thought it was about the site being down a lot.
"I was just trying to report a problem. Isn't that what the bugs section is for!? They fricken locked the thread! Broken cookies is not the same as 500 error. Wait for hours/days or restart solves the first error; refresh and try again solves the later."
I was pretty annoyed that the admins locked my thread because it was not the same error as the one they linked to.
I was pretty happy with etsy up to this point, despite my slow sales. Hopefully, this sort of thing won't happen again.

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