Sunday, January 21, 2007

Venting about Paypal

I am so mad right now! I've already used paypal to accept payments, so I have an account balance. I went to spend some of the money in my account and it wouldn't let me. Their site is just so ridiculous. So one of the options to actualy let me spend my money is to get a credit card with them, but they won't let me do that. Oh, can you guess what their reason is!? It is because I don't have a land line telephone. I need to enter a phone number and my cell phone isn't good enough for them. Soooo I thought it was just the website being stupid and hunted around for their phone number and then called.
First I talked to an automated system with options that did not apply to me. I pressed 0 a lot and had a lot of invalid entried but managed to talk to a man who english was his second language, he kept repeating himself and calling me ma'am. He also didn't seem to know much about paypal. He just couldn't believe that my phone number wouldn't match my zip code. He just couldn't believe that that was my main phone and only phone. So he transfered me to someone else.
At lease she knew english, but she didn't seem to care and since it was a credit card issue transfered me to another automated system with options that don't apply to me. If I wasn't able to even fill out the form to apply for a credit card then what makes them think that I'll have a credit card number! So I was somehow able to talk to a person again and she spoke english too, but she worked for the bank and not paypal and couldn't help me. Why did they transfer me to people who couldn't help me repeatedly!
They obviously don't care about customer service or even getting new customers. So please, don't sign up for paypal; they won't care if you do or not anyway.

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